To request membership to Corvallis NBG, fill out a Membership Proposal Form. If your business has cross over or duplicates a members business categories, the current member will be asked if you can be admitted into the group. Corvallis NBG allows only one of each business category to participate in the group at any given time. Similar businesses may join if they focus on different aspects of a category. If your business does cross over with another member’s business please refrain from advertising that portion of your business at with group. People do come and go, so even if your spot is taken, there may be an opening in the future.


As this group requires participation so we get to know one another well enough to feel comfortable referring members to others.  Before joining please ask yourself if you feel comfortable attending meetings twice per month at 7:30am. Lack of attendance could result in your slot being replaced by another business. Bylaws state that you can have no more than two unexcused absences during any calendar quarter.

If you cannot make a meeting due to work, illness or travel, you can contact us at During the meeting we will give honorable mentions to all who contacted us via our email address. Another option to avoid taking an absence is to send a coworker or partner as a proxy.

We do meet year around, however, the summertime attendance from July through August is not mandatory and absences does not count during these two summertime months. Your attendance is still encouraged to keep up on the news and current happenings.


Corvallis NBG dues are $80 per year.


Corvallis NBG By Laws – Amended November 2017